Management and Behaviour

Do managers find that to avoid situations and to get work done faster they will delegate the work to certain people?

Or do they make them all work as diverse as the group is?

My initial thought is “How management manage aspects of behaviour in teamwork/groups.

The aspects of behaviour I would look to is what we have covered:

  • conflict
  • leadership
  • control
  • emotions.

With further research there is a slight change to my topic.

I am finding a lot on managers behaviours and how they filter into staff, what I am finding is a lot of theories and models for behaviour overall.

Organisational behaviour: Hindrance or helpful in planning and implementing?

Matthew Fairholm has been the foundation in finding the pattern I wish to set out.

In addition to this I have linked how training managers to behave in particular ways enhances employee satisfaction.

The base for all this research is found in behavioural theory, along with buzzwords like leadership, charisma, empowerment, all of these lead to a “way” of organisational planning via behaviours.

However the flip side to all of this is when behaviour turns sour! To look at behaviour from this angle one needs to focus on conflict. It has it’s potentials and it’s pitfall’s in an organisational so how to deal with it is another element I shall look at.



2 thoughts on “Management and Behaviour

  1. Siobhan, the connection of your topic to your real life experience in the workplace should make this a fruitful study indeed! I’m curious to see what literature is out there about managing groups, and maybe different strategies managers use.

    • Hi Maria, I have looked at the end of chapter 1 in our book and they give 2 articles at the bottom, first is by March, “The study of organizations and organizing since 1945” and the second is by Paul Hill, “Managing across generations in the 21 st Century”.
      These might be a good staring point if not ill enter a search into each journal to see what pops up!
      Thanks for your insight.

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