Thinking is one tough job!


Looking back over my analysis of the readings and thinking about how I thought about each one is, that I always need to refer the reading  to a situation in my work experience.

I need to relate to it in a concrete way if I can’t I will struggle to understand the point being made.

My voice can be strong if I felt that a situation I am speaking about brought back memories and feelings I had in that situation. However I did notice that commenting on other classmate”s blog’s I was giving advice more than giving my view on their thoughts!

As part of my Degree in Sociology we had to produce a reflective journal where by we had a story from a fellow classmate and we had to reflect on it with pictures etc,  as the journal progressed through the semester, my classmate (who had told me a story of her grandma in Hong Kong) was going to visit her over the break. However when she arrived back her grandma had died. My whole semester’s work was about this lady and I had to full fill another 3 weeks work on this. So my lecturer at the time suggested I use the last piece to reflect first on the project second on the relationship I had built with my classmate and lastly how I felt about the situation.

It was a tough series of reflection’s to write and each one I wanted my classmate to see, but then again I did not want to upset her more. In the end it all worked out an I got excellent feedback from the tutor and lecture and my classmate gave my journal to her family for keepsake. It is something I will never forget!

The Reflective scale has me at the top, Justifying my actions along with looking for a deeper meaning but then I skip the middle and fall to the bottom by revisiting experiences!

I like the style the blog gives you when writing I don’t prepare anything I do the readings and as I think about them I blog. I feel it needs to work together not separate.  And this blogging is new to me and I feel quite confident!

Maybe I could think more about the academic side of the readings and focus less on my situations as mine are certainly not going to be the answer to all management issues!

However I am going to keep this reflective thinking in everything I do, it’s fun!


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