To Plan or not to Plan!




Strategic Planning goes round in circles!!!!!!

So in order to set out a plan I need to ask:

1) How much will it cost me?

2) But then by spending all this I will save alot when it is finished and working!!!!??????

But now I have to decide what other aspects of development within my Organisation  I have to forfeit in order to produce this massive document that sets out goals, missions, objectives, aims, guides, results!!!


Mott (2008) sets out the difference between people not having a detailed plan and how it can work, but this I think needs a closer in depth look at the traits and behaviour of the people within that organisation, the type of planning that works might be a “wing it” approach where other organisations need to have a concrete course set out for various decisions.

Which brings me back to ME chasing my tail!

If I need a plan I shall look to developing that plan and like Stephan (2010) until the time comes where I feel my company needs a good kick!

Then I go about preparing  to set up a plan that should tell me what I did good, where I went wrong and a no fail attitude in a forecast of improvement! So now I need a plan/reason to plan the big plan!

However I have another problem with the above picture I see how Stephan (2010) needed to gather this plan together as there were others involved and a new dean, but if nothing had changed and everyone had been working together why should everything go wrong??? Did some link in the chain break and no one saw to fix it it???

If you need a policy to help you along now what has been guiding you up to now?

Now I’m just dizzy 🙂


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