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This weeks readings reflect change and innovation in the information professional, it brings with it new ideas and challenges and bright shiny mornings…if you like mornings that is!
Sorry to be a drag!
Innovation and change management is needed in every establishment I understand that, I feel the implementing of this mindset if a tough one to crack with employees.
It is the culture and behaviour that is within the organisation that will fuel these new ideas and help each other seek new ways to develop skills.
I really understood how Ripley linked innovation to an entrepreneur and how he translated the word into people who “undertook” a risk. And it is all these new ideas and changes that are undertaken are potential risks to the organisation, and when they fail they can destroy an organisation, however if these new ideas are not introduced and people do not challenge each other the establishment will go stale and rotten.
Can this drive be achieved in everyone????
It takes a lot of positive thinking and encouragement,
I for one would take a lot of coaxing in order to gain this mindset and change my perspective of becoming an innovator or a entrepreneur, call me lazy if you wish, but my brain does not work like this or maybe I am not brave enough!
It reminds me of a advertising company who night and day reinvent these slogans and ways to rebrand the same brand…what is the bloody point just because you changed the label is not going to make people buy it it still tastes horrible!
I can see change and innovation going hand in hand, change will always happen in this bright new shiny world, and innovation will only happen if these beliefs and visions have been incorporated into the given establishment and everyone is on the same buzz of “creating” “adapting” “transforming” all these buzz words sound like you are running at full speed while shouting them, PHEW I’M TIRED NOW!!!!


One thought on “TO BE BRAVE

  1. Ha, you have the same attitude to buzzwords as I do. Glad that I am not alone. The use of buzzwords always makes me think of Ricky Gervais in The Office when he starts to speak manager so he doesn’t have to say anything.

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