This week I have a presentation due for my module CYBERSOCIETY, here I have utilized my politics knowledge from my degree  and mixed in a little sociological theory.


It takes on how new technology and new communication tools have changed the face of the world through political ideologies.

This presentation gives me a chance to show the knowledge I have gained through 3 years of my Degree and how I have transferred these skills into my Postgraduate year.

My curiosity with the way the world is changing and how Facebook and Twitter has changed the way people voice their opinion has given me the confidence to proclaim my views on certain subjects.

Looking back 4 years ago I would never had thought I would be able to voice these opinions. Knowledge does give a power, using it wisely  is the task.

People feel strongly about their views, you have to respect them views in order to learn from them and make your own. It could be blogging about books and  discussing various reasons why Hilary Mantel  should of won the Man Booker Prize again, or you could be voicing your opinions which may just change a pro life voter to a pro choice voter.

Facebook and Twitter, gives people this power to engage the WORLD in debates like above, however the power really lies in the mask it gives  to the voice,  some people choose  not  to show their religious views or class status or ethnicity especially via Twitter.

Through using this Blog it has given me a confidence in writing my ideas and being able to share these with my peers is a major stepping stone in my life, it has given the confidence to pursue a new blog with my own ideas after this semester.






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