Courageous, Fearless…that is reflecting on reflection!


My last¬†reflection ūüė¶

This past semester has thought me valuable skills, and ones that I want to renew and make perfect.

Reflection learning has been tricky..

Blogging has been easyish…..

I was always the type of person to keep a diary, however I never would read back over my thoughts, it felt strange like it was someone else that had wrote down these ideas, or dreams.

However now I have begun to see how rewarding it is to look and question your work. It gives you a sense of achievement and a reason to pursue new ideas and challenge them, asking questions of yourself and others.

The two blogs that were posted for us to read have been magnificent, I have learned that so many scholars that I had already known keep reappearing in this discipline, so I keep being surprised.

I really connect with the framework for reflection.. the most effective part for me is to¬†Observe: here I ask myself to look at myself and my views on the current topic, then I look to see others ideas..some of these I find amazing and then I realise I’m jealous! Why could I not see that?? Or why can’t I write that way???¬†However, I take a deep¬†breath¬†and go “if you think you can do better try”….. It is tough to¬†criticise you own work, and see someone¬†else’s¬†work¬†as ten times better then yours. In school and college you only know how good your work is by the grade you get, here its different you grade your own work!!!!

The effect this learning experience has had on me as a person is truly amazing  I am more confident now then I ever was with my writing abilities, I was never that confident with my ability to do academic work, having left school with very low grades, and not feeling I was not clever enough to return to college, it has been tough.

Returning to college in 2009 as an mature student was a dream come true..and to be doing a post grad.. well words can’t describe how I feel. Today I am stronger and more confident with my ability to produce good solid work.

One day I hope to¬†approach¬†a¬†management¬†position and know that I can succeed in it, that I don’t always have to be a follower, I can become a leader!


What is Management?

imagesReading Clegg, Kornberger, &¬†Pitsis, 2011 I was amazed to find that the idea of ‘management’ became a global idea, in the form of slavery. The main writing within the origins of management and the global development is the focus on specific influential ideas, how these ideas then spread and most importantly the simplicity of the ideas themselves.

Surrounding this topic you see the core aspects having simple principles, and many contexts, giving the word management a sense of moral leadership, relationships between democracy and autocracy and the main overarching principle to keep it functioning and productive.

One such context that I could understand is that of Jeremy Bentham’s (1748- 1832) a so called founder of what we know today as¬†Utilitarianism. ¬†Here within the concept of management Bentham’s¬†idea’s are seen within Utilitarianism and¬†Panopticism. Having ¬†done my B.A. in Sociology and Politics, these words are very¬†familiar to me. Therefore¬†transferring these concepts into¬†management was very intriguing.

The development and diverse meaning that management has shown to me over the course of the ¬†B.A. & M.A. has¬†truly¬†opened my eyes, in so that no such discipline has it’s own set of meanings, all are interlink or have their roots set in a place not too far away. Which again are the core aspects of management, all with the same framework, yet adapted to each context.

In the context of libraries the idea of the traditional role of management is still visible however with libraries the many different divisions that libraries are in makes the management role differ throughout.