What is Management?

imagesReading Clegg, Kornberger, & Pitsis, 2011 I was amazed to find that the idea of ‘management’ became a global idea, in the form of slavery. The main writing within the origins of management and the global development is the focus on specific influential ideas, how these ideas then spread and most importantly the simplicity of the ideas themselves.

Surrounding this topic you see the core aspects having simple principles, and many contexts, giving the word management a sense of moral leadership, relationships between democracy and autocracy and the main overarching principle to keep it functioning and productive.

One such context that I could understand is that of Jeremy Bentham’s (1748- 1832) a so called founder of what we know today as Utilitarianism.  Here within the concept of management Bentham’s idea’s are seen within Utilitarianism and Panopticism. Having  done my B.A. in Sociology and Politics, these words are very familiar to me. Therefore transferring these concepts into management was very intriguing.

The development and diverse meaning that management has shown to me over the course of the  B.A. & M.A. has truly opened my eyes, in so that no such discipline has it’s own set of meanings, all are interlink or have their roots set in a place not too far away. Which again are the core aspects of management, all with the same framework, yet adapted to each context.

In the context of libraries the idea of the traditional role of management is still visible however with libraries the many different divisions that libraries are in makes the management role differ throughout.



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