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This amazing new MOOC has recently started, and I found it through another library professional Michelle Dalton by chance and I have to say I am truly grateful to her for adding it into her blog post.

I only began engaging during the end of this week and already I have found numerous social media tools some that I have always been meaning to learn but never did however now because of the amount of information that is flying past me I want to save it and share it throughout the week.

#moocie posts various challenges throughout the week so far I am completing #2 and am choosing new professionals for #3 as I  feel the amount of  people I am following on Twitter is getting very large and I don’t want to make the mistake by checking in with a selected few.

So challenge #2 is a fun and engaging way of utilising Twitter, as the #moocie is for everyone not just library people I am finding it inspiring to see so many people blog, tweet, share their concerns or accomplishments within their selected profession.

One such tweet and blog which I was delighted to see is from Stephanie Mullane

I have had an interest in how teachers teach nowadays, and I feel my two friends who are teachers are really fed up with me asking questions!

So I hope I have made an online teacher friend who may help me understand today’s world of teaching.



2 thoughts on “New Blogs

  1. Hi Siobhan. Glad you’re getting so much out of this MOOC and please keep reporting back on it. If you find you the number of people you are following becoming hard to manage definitely get into using the list feature as discussed on Twitter the other day. And check out this post here – might help you throw off some people you don’t really need to be following I find manageflitter particularly good

    • Hi Martin that’s brillant advice it’s not that the amount of people I am following is difficult I’m just worried I am missing some really good people so the lists idea is a great way to mange this, thanks for your article this is very kind of you. And I will keep posting watch this space!

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